We are honored to have long-term relationships with our patients, often delivering multiple children for the same family. When the newborns get older, it’s an amazing feeling to see them become proud big sisters or big brothers, as we experienced with our own children. When we see one of our children (or our patients) reading to or with a sibling, it’s a beautiful experience. One organization that is paving the way, making those experiences possible for all is Milk + Bookies, a nationwide charitable organization that inspires children to give back, using books. We attend many of their events and support the great work they are doing.

The events center around children who are given the opportunity to select, purchase and write a message or sign the books, which are then donated to children who don’t have books of their own or access to them. They do this through a variety of events, book fairs, class projects, and birthday parties, all with the intention of providing children with an early exposure to the spirit of giving.

Milk + Bookies also has programs to promote literacy and service learning, all of which nurtures self-confidence, importance, and ultimately “plants the seed of giving” into their consciousness at a young age. With music, story time and, of course, milk and cookies, the events are fun for everyone.

Milk + Bookies was founded in 2004 by Meredith Alexander, a mother of two sons who resides in Los Angeles. In 2009, Heidi Lindelof and Laura Zimmerman, also L.A.-based moms, joined Meredith to help Milk + Bookies grow, while maintaining it’s core mission.
This M+B Birthday Party giveaway includes everything you need to throw a fun and rewarding party for your child, including:
• Milk+Bookies Bookies Box (includes a party how-to, ”I donated” stickers, book plates for inscriptions and bookmarks, and balloons of course)
• Cocodot 1 year membership which gives you access to our Milk+Bookies online invitation and thank you notes
• 2 Milk+Bookies baseball t-shirts
• 1 set of Milk+Bookies branded pins for your guests
• 2 copies of Sweet Pete (the new Milk+Bookies children’s book about giving)
• 2 Sweet Pete Lollipops
• 1 exclusive Milk+Bookies/Yo Gabba Gabba! Case Mate for i-phone
• $100 gift certificate to California Pizza Kitchen to bring in food for the party!

To learn more about the organization, please visit www.milkandbookies.org.