In May 2011, we held a contest for you to submit your birth stories for the chance to win a copy of our book! Thanks to all who participated. We love hearing from you! Here, we share with you one of the winning stories.

Hi Dr’s Bohn, Hill & Park:

So the truth is, Dr. Bohn already knows part of my birth story. I messaged her on Facebook nearly two years ago to thank her for sharing her infertility struggles, because her story gave me the strength to pursue fertility treatments. As I’m typing this email to you guys, it’s been awhile. I have a 13-month-old son named Sebastian who is the absolute love of my life.

My partner and I met six years ago tomorrow, were illegally married in November of 2007 in Puerto Vallarta, and always knew that we wanted to start a family. In late 2008 we began to take the idea a bit more seriously, researching cryobanks and donors. After finding our ideal donor, whom we refer to as Mr. Y, we made an appointment with our reproductive endocrinologist. This was in January of 2009. I’ll fast forward through the monotonous details and overdrawn story – after a few failed IUI attempts and some not-so-great test results, our amazing doctor sat us down and told us that we needed to consider IVF.

At the time of the testing, I was only 30 years old…and I was petrified. After my egg retrieval we found that a few were degenerative. Thankfully I had two perfect blasts and, on the day of the transfer, we listened through the curtain as our doctor pointed to the photos and said, “I want this one. This is the one we’re putting in.”

My pregnancy wasn’t terribly eventful, as many of your patients on your show. Thanks to all of the medications, I gained about 30 pounds even before getting pregnant (I started at 125). By 6 weeks pregnant I looked a few months pregnant and by four months pregnant, people were asking when I was due. I suffered from a slight case of pelvic separation and SI issues, but the biggest cause of concern was my preexisting issue with my right hip. By the time I was eight months pregnant, our doctor was questioning whether or not she thought it would be safe for me to deliver vaginally out of fear that I would break my hip. By the time I was 36 weeks pregnant, she had asked me to consider an MRI to check for degeneration of my hip. When I refused because I was so far along in the pregnancy and didn’t want to take that type of risk with my son, we decided that a C-Section was the best way to go.

I wasn’t scared…I knew that it was major surgery…but I had seen you guys perform the operation episode after episode and somehow felt much more comfortable with it. Actually, I found the show so informative that my OB was somewhat surprised at my lack of questions. Thankfully (BIG THANKFULLY), the c-section was scheduled for one week earlier than my due date. Sebastian was born weighing a whopping 9 pounds, 6 ounces and was 21 inches long.

I have almost every single episode of “Deliver Me” on my DVR, as it was my show of choice when I was pregnant to help me sleep at night, and I don’t know what I’m going to do when my DVR breaks or when we’re pregnant again. I nearly had a heart attack when the show wasn’t on Discovery Health anymore and my partner thinks that I’m absolutely, positively nuts. Why? Because I’m hoping to keep all of the episodes until about this time next year, when we’re planning on getting pregnant again.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done, all of the information that you’ve shared, and all of the people that you’ve touched who aren’t even your patients.

– Gen Levy
Owner and Photographer ~ Precious Things Photography
Chicago, LA