I’m just back from a week off and made my morning rounds.  I visited a mother who I had cared for during her pregnancy that Dr. Hill covered while I was gone.  She came into the office for her routine visit at 29 weeks and she had very high blood pressure and was spilling protein into her urine. She was admitted for expected preeclampsia (aka pregnancy-induced hypertension or toxemia).  She was delivered the next day for dangerously high blood pressure via cesarean. Her baby boy was 2lbs 4oz.  I’m happy to say that both mom and baby are stable and recovering well.

We discussed the severity of her condition and she said to me, “But Dr. Bohn everything was going well; I didn’t even feel sick!” The condition that she had could have killed both her and her baby if she didn’t have regular prenatal care and high level neonatal care that can save premature babies. Many people take it for granted that in other parts of the world or less than a century ago both moms and babies died.  Her health and her baby’s health are a true Christmas miracle and a testament to modern obstetrics.

~ Dr. Yvonne Bohn