Dr. Bohn: A couple of days ago, I just finished decorating my Christmas tree, sent out our Christmas cards and I am spending this week hanging out with my kids because I have great partners who are working hard during the holidays while I am resting. We all take turns, I worked during Thanksgiving while they rested. This is how our practice works, we take turns, we let each other have the time with our families that we all need. I am so thankful to have partners that help me be a mother and a doctor.

Dr. Park: I love this time of year when our patients send in holiday photo cards. Seeing all those beautiful family photos makes me realize how lucky the three of us are to be able to do what we do everyday. I hope our patients know how much we appreciate them and love being a part of their lives. Happy holidays and happy new year everyone!

Dr. Hill: My heart goes out to one of my new moms who delivered her first son yesterday at only 29 weeks. He weighed just 2 pounds and four ounces and could fit in one hand. I think of her as she will be spending Christmas, watching him in the NICU in his incubator. But thanks to the great doctors and nurses, I know they will have many wonderful Christmases together for years to come.

We wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday season and all the best wishes for the new year!