Dr. Bohn and her daughter Kylie

1.  I understand my own mother so much more now.  I get how hard it is to be a parent, and how much she sacrificed for me, loved me and is still here for me.

2.  I think I am a better OB-GYN since I have become a mom.  I understand how precious children are.  I understand how much love and hope a child brings into the lives of his or her parents.  I appreciate having experienced pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, pregnancy complications leading to bedrest, child birth both vaginal and by c-section all because I am a mom.  I think I can understand my patient’s anxieties and experiences better because I have experienced them  myself.  I feel I can provide more empathy and practical experience from both a physician’s standpoint but from someone who has been through it too.

3.  I love watching my children grow and develop.  A child’s mind is so plastic and their bodies are so flexible.  They learn as if through osmosis and  they are like sponges that pick up language, style, and skills by observing the world around them.  Their bodies can bend a twist in positions that I would have to spend years and in a yoga class to achieve.

4. I love being a mom because I get to see my children use their imagination, a skill which as adults we lose too quickly.  My daughter can be a princess, a bunny, a kitty, a giraffe, and Katy Perry all within a span of an hour.

5.  I love being a mom because nothing is more precious than a hug, a kiss or snuggling with my kids.  No matter how hard, awful or long my day is nothing makes me feel better than the unconditional love of my children when I get home.  It makes all the bad things seem so insignificant.

– Dr. Bohn