Approximately one year ago I had to deliver devastating news to a lovely couple, Yani and Henry.  I could not find their baby’s heartbeat when they came in for their routine OB visit at 39 weeks.  I then did an ultrasound and confirmed that the baby was not alive.  The baby was delivered by cesarean section per Yani’s request, as she could not bare going through labor to deliver a dead baby.

The cause of the demise was discovered at the delivery when I found that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck 4 times and also tied in a knot. I explained to them that this was an uncommon and horrible event.  It was something that could not be prevented or predicted.

Yani also worked at Good Samaritan as a Physical Therapist and I saw her frequently after she returned from her leave of absence. She was always happy, hopeful and grateful that I had helped her during the time of her loss.  Yani and Henry grieved the loss of their son but did not lose their faith and were willing to try again for another baby.  Yani conceived quickly, less than three months later.

We agreed that I would see her very frequently and at anytime she didn’t feel comfortable about the baby’s movement.  An amniocentesis was performed at 37 weeks (last week) to confirm that the baby’s lungs were mature and that the baby was ready to come out.  I delivered a beautiful baby girl to Yani and Henry the next day. The postpartum nurse that had cared for Yani the year before was on duty and came to the delivery to support her too. When their baby girl made her first cry of life the entire operating room applauded.

I was so grateful to be there for Yani and Henry both during the time of their loss but also in the time of their joy.  I respected Yani so much for being positive and never losing hope.  The courage she had to bare the pain of a loss so close to the end, followed by her willingness to take a chance again inspires me and makes me feel so blessed to do what I do everyday.