Nichole Hakimian, from Seattle, Washington recently made headlines for being kicked off a public bus because of her son’s stinky diaper. The bus driver allegedly told her the odor from her 1-year-old was too strong to handle and dropped Hakimian off about a half-mile from the clinic. (The bus company is currently  investigating the complaint.)

The nightmare described above is all too familiar to mothers everywhere. Whether your kid has a tantrum on an airplane, or spills juice on someone’s white carpet, or blows out a diaper in a confined space, we’ve all been there.

You try to plan ahead for all the possible twists of fate, packing that diaper bag with extra onesies, pacifiers, and wipes. But often your baby has other plans, and you find yourself in the situation like this Seattle mom. Do you try to change the diaper on a moving bus or do you hope the time will pass quickly as other passengers understand you’ve got a sick kid on your hands?

As moms, we all try our best to be conscious of others around us. We have learned to balance a baby on one hip while we pull a stroller out of the trunk and close a business deal on the phone. But to control the pooping schedule of our sick child? Now, that would be a good one.

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-Allison Hill