irregular-periods-dr-bohn-explainsOne of our and Facebook fan community members asked Dr. Bohn:

My period has come twice in one month for two months in a row and spots for a while after. The blood is a thick brick color. What does this mean?

This is what Dr. Bohn had to say:

“The normal frequency of a menstrual cycle can range from every 21 to 35 days.  Women who have cycles either more frequently or less frequently may be having anovulatory cycles in which their body fails to release an egg each month.  The bleeding that occurs in these type of cycles may range from just light spotting to very heavy bleeding.  Causes of anovulation include: thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, obesity or anorexia, or ovarian failure.

Frequent bleeding could also signify the presence of either a polyp or fibroid.  Women who use birth control pills may also experience spotting if the dose of estrogen in the pill is too low or if they fail to take it on the directed frequency.  For this type of patient, a visit to the gynecologist is in order to do a pelvic exam, possible ultrasound and hormone tests.

Many women worry about the color of the menstrual blood.  The darker brick colored blood or black blood is just old or residual blood that is left in the uterus.  It is not dangerous and does not signify disease.”

***Disclaimer: Please remember that it is critical to see your doctor for a thorough examination and analysis and the above answer is a suggestion based on the limited information provided. It is meant as a general guide, but we urge you to make an appointment with the regular healthcare provider.***