Women JoggingI’ve always been a huge fan of exercise. I love it all and particularly enjoy running, spinning, hiking, bootcamp classes, and weight lifting. Of course, it was much easier to fit exercise into my hectic daily schedule before having my two children. But as a full-time working mother, I’ve learned to be much more creative.

After each of my kids were born, I walked with them in the Baby Bjorn. This activity allowed me to bond with my little one, and the baby’s extra weight  would turn a 3-mile walk up and down the hills of my neighborhood into a good workout. Once my babies were big enough, I moved them into a Baby Jogger so I could run with them.

As they got older I had to figure out how to get them to sit through a 45 minute to 1 hour run. When my son was young, he listened to children’s music on a CD player (this was before the invention of the iPod). My daughter, on the other hand, who was born in the high-tech age now plays on the iPad while I jog. Now I have my 10-year old son accompany me on my runs and we  alternate running and walking every other block. Including your children in your exercise routine allows you to work on your fitness and not  feel guilty.

If you have a childcare option but lack motivation, my advice is to find a pal and set a goal for some kind of race. I began doing half marathons with my best friend when my daughter was just 6 months old. We would pick a race in a nice destination so we could bring our families for a weekend getaway. We trained together two days a week; a short run on a weekday and a long run on the weekend. Not only did it rejuvenate and strengthen our friendship, but it motivated me to run during the cold winter months.

As a mom, I understand it’s hard to be diligent with your exercise regimen, especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But consider some of these suggestions and I promise that your body will thank you.