hands on belly Mommy Docs Facebook subscriber, Lindsay Flory, from Hermosa Beach, CA asks:

” I’m currently in the second trimester of my second pregnancy. I heard women often show faster and feel symptoms sooner and that’s what happened to me. Why is the second pregnancy more extreme?” 

There are many reasons why a woman finds her second pregnancy more intense than her first. She may show more quickly, have more pelvic pressure and lower back pain, or feel more exhausted.

After a woman has had one baby the rectus muscles are naturally more stretched from the pressure of the growing uterus than prior to being pregnant.  Even with very diligent core work, the muscles never perfectly recoil to their pre-pregnancy state.

Due to this, in the second and subsequent pregnancies, the uterus pops out quicker because the muscles are not holding the uterus in so tightly.  The lack of support of the rectus muscle also contributes to increased lower back pain and pelvic pressure.

Also during your first pregnancy- after your day- you can go home and rest a bit. You don’t have to care for another baby, toddler or older child who needs you constantly.  The first pregnancy allows time for prenatal yoga, pedicures and pregnancy massages- all activities you likely won’t have time for with a little one already at home.

On the flip side:  One advantage to second and subsequent pregnancies is you do not worry over every  little detail. Most women typically have a faster labor with easier pushing. Not to mention, caring for a newborn isn’t as stressful because you have been through it once before.