Courtesy of Berlin Wellness Village

Courtesy of Berlin Wellness Village

“It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s not until we become parents ourselves that we realize how much we really need each other for support along this exciting but challenging journey. As budding moms, we all need guidance and wisdom from those who have been in our shoes, and camaraderie from our peers when we find ourselves feeling anxious, confused or overwhelmed by all the nuances and changes that motherhood brings.

Berlin Wellness Village provides you with the support and resources that will help you find comfort and confidence while navigating through the amazing world of pregnancy and parenting. In our weekly 90 minute pregnancy gatherings facilitated by Dr. Alyssa Berlin, PsyD, you will connect with other expectant moms and participate in discussions about different issues that arise during pregnancy. Each week you will also have the opportunity to meet and seek guidance and wisdom from one of our many seasoned “village leaders”; career professionals in every field related to pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.

This week’s Berlin Wellness Village Pregnancy Support Gathering will take place on Wednesday, January 30th at 10:00am. We are honored to host Dr. Allison Hill, MD as our Village Leader. 

The gatherings take place at the home of Drs. Elliot and Alyssa Berlin. The fee is $10 per week. Financial assistance is available for those in need.

**Note: Toddlers are welcome and there is plenty of free convenient street parking. While the inaugural gathering was open to all childbirth professionals, the ongoing gatherings are limited to women who are currently pregnant and their infants or toddlers.

Berlin Wellness Village
Pregnancy Support Gathering
Dr. Alyssa Berlin, Psy D and Dr. Allison Hill, MD
Getting the most our of your Hospital Birth
Wednesday, January 30th @ 10:00am
419 N. Fuller Ave. (Los Angeles, CA)

For more information, call 323-549-0070.

Post courtesy of Berlin Wellness Group