Valentine’s is a day of romance. During pregnancy, most women are not feeling so romantic or they may feel insecure about the changes that have occurred in their bodies.  Make your Valentine feel special with one of the following ideas:

photo by Ben Earwicker

photo by Ben Earwicker

  • Leopard or zebra printed robes, blankets, or slippers will bring out the animal in her.  They are usually soft and cozy and will make her feel sexy.
  • Soft, silky red pajamas. An empire waist style will work with any pregnant belly.  Or some sexy men’s pajamas that are loose fitting will feel comfortable and look great on her.
  • Of course, any spa treatment: A massage or pedicure will help make an aching lower back or soar feet feel better.

It is advisable to avoid chocolates because they contain  hidden caffeine.  Perfume or fragrances can upset a newly pregnant mom in the first trimester because of her sensitivity to smell.

Remember to make her feel special, sexy and loved.  Also remember this maybe the last time you may have an uninterrupted Valentine’s Day together.

Intercourse is safe during pregnancy unless there is a specific obstetrical reason not to do so, such as preterm labor or placenta previa.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Mommy Docs.