Regular exercise is great for all of us, including pregnant and postpartum moms. Exercise during and after pregnancy improves the health of both mom and baby.

The reality is that responsibilities increase and free time decreases during motherhood. As a result, most moms put exercise on the back burner. The thinking goes something like this, “If I don’t have at least an hour to dedicate to exercise, it’s not worth doing it at all.” The good news is that you don’t need to spend hours exercising! Make use of any time that’s available, even if it’s only 10 minutes. Even the busiest of moms can set aside 10 minutes.

To show you how easy it can be to fit exercise into your busy schedule, I have created a series of 10-minute workouts for Mommy Docs readers. This second workout is for non-expecting moms. If you missed the first workout for expecting moms, click here.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Be sure to talk to your doctor or midwife before beginning this or any exercise program after delivery
  • Stay hydrated
  • Listen to your body and scale back or rest when needed

Workout Sequence:

Bridge – 1 minute

Bridge 1Bridge 2

Side Plank – 30 seconds each side

Side Plank 2Side Plank 2

Knee Plank with Pelvic Tilt – 1 minute

Knee Plank w Pelvic Tilt

Squat Kneel – 30 seconds stepping up with right foot then 30 seconds with left

Squat Kneel 1

Squat Kneel 2

Squat Kneel 3

Squat Kneel 4

Side Lunge with Row – 30 seconds each side

Side Lunge w Row 1

Side Lunge w Row 2

Plank to Superman – 1 minute

Plank to Superman 1

Plank to Superman 2

Wall Angels – 1 minute

Wall Angels 1

Wall Angels 2

Glute Stretch – 30 seconds each side

Glute Stretch

Fold Over Stretch – 1 minute

Fold Over Stretch

Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch – 30 seconds each side

Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch