Nesting is instinctual for some. In preparation for the bundle of joy, you’ll crave and get much satisfaction out of tidying and organizing your house. The old wives tale goes that if you feel this urge it means that you are about to go into labor. However, they call this an old wives tale for a reason. These urges can come as early as the first trimester, yet for some women, they never get the urge. It could mean simply that you have been cooped up all winter and want a freshening up.

Cozy environment. Meaningful nesting can be a stress reliever and allow for a cozy environment. Sweep the floors, make the bed, open the windows, and maybe light some candles if you need to. Creating a space that makes you feel at home will help you and your baby feel at ease.

It’s important not to fret. Low stress during pregnancy is vital. Nesting can be the result of feeling overwhelmed by all of the information you have been studying about becoming a new mom, leading you to feel like you have much to do and prepare. In times like these, take a step back and just breathe.

Share the responsibilities. Even if you don’t vacuum every cobweb out of the attic, scrub all of the soap scum from the bath, or wash all the baseboards in the house, this passes no judgment on the kind of mom you will be. Your partner might be feeling antsy too and want to organize the cabinets and drawers. Divvy up the chores. The best preparation for any couple is working as a team.

An emotional journey. Getting ready to nurture a child is a new path for you and your partner. Around week 38 or 39 you may experience increased adrenaline leading you to feel frantic and anxious about your soon-to-be-baby. Check in with your partner frequently and lean on one another for support.

Settle down. Do what relaxes you most – a cup of tea, your favorite music, a walk in the park. The baby will appreciate that more than a sparkling clean kitchen sink.

The essentials. While cleaning and organizing can be an outlet for pent up energy and stress, don’t forget to give your body plenty of nutritional food and rest.

Your body is home. Up until baby comes, make sure you pay special attention to unwinding and enjoying the bond of having the little one in utero.