For some moms-to-be sex will feel better than ever, for others it will start to feel like a yoga class – you want to do it, but you just can’t find the motivation to move. It is important to be open and honest with your partner, while keeping your love and support strong.

Your boobs might be sore. You’re extra sensitive due to increased blood flow. Express how you’re feeling with your partner. If you’re not into it, let them know it’s not your heart that’s lacking drive. On the flip side, your partner will have a bag of emotions too. Respect your partner’s feelings and be open. Visit your doctor with your partner to chat about sex options so you’re both on the same page if need be.

When you’re as big as a whale and your partner is awkwardly balancing on top of you while trying to keep the dirty talk going – things might just be a laugh fest. That’s okay! That’s great! Share laughs and be comfortable to be uncomfortable around each other. Sex is not always going to be sexy. But, hey at least you’re trying! Yes, pregnancy can lead to potholes on the road to intimacy, but it doesn’t have to be a negative side effect. Joking with each other and laughing about the situation can bring you two closer.

Get intimate in other ways.
Get creative! Find new sex positions. Pleasure each other by just using your hands. Hug. Kiss. Touch. And do it often. Plans to do the laundry tonight? Throw them out the window. Or, just surprise your partner with some frisky action as he’s cooking you dinner. Also, go solo! It’s completely normal to pleasure yourself. And your partner has the right to do that too. Encourage each other to have solo sexy time, especially if intercourse has turned into a missed connection.

Treat Yourself Right.
Pregnancy is not always going to be pretty. You’re going have moments when you feel like a potato. It’s important to remember that you are loved and beautiful. Do what makes you feel sexy. Take a shower – it can be as simple as that. You’ve got gorgeous curves, a soft glow, and warmth in your belly. Take it all in and revel in your new sexiness. Sex isn’t always going to be sexy. Snuggle up with your partner and remind each other of all the love you have. That’s what got you’re here in the first place. Now that’s’ sexy.